‘It’s the future’ – Chess champion Garry Kasparov hopes to break record as ‘World’s Greatest’

Garry Kaspargtsov, the world chess champion and world number one, has called for chess to be considered as a “serious sport”. 

The former world number two is calling for the sport to be a serious pursuit and says he has no plans to retire from the game. 

“There’s no question that chess is the future of chess,” Mr Kaspagersov told BBC Radio 5 live’s The Week in Review programme. 

He added: “I believe it’s the first time chess is being seriously considered for Olympic sport, and I think that’s going to make it much more attractive.” 

The 39-year-old said he would like to see the sport taken seriously in the Olympics, even if it was not for the gold medals.

“There is so much passion about chess and there’s so much potential to be developed and to build a new generation of chess players,” he said. 

Garry Kasparsov: “A great opportunity”Garry is a world number 10 in chess and has made a career out of winning the title. 

The 36-year old is one of a handful of players who have held the title since the opening of the modern chess world championship in 1997. 

Kasparov said that although the game was a “big step forward” for him and his generation, he would not be satisfied until it became a major international sport. 

Mr Kasparovsky said he was “not the kind of person” who “would stop playing” if he felt that chess was becoming too “competitive”.

“But I think there are still a lot of great players, especially young players,” the former world chess champ added.

“I think that I’m going to be very active in chess at some point, because I believe chess is a great opportunity for everybody to get better and learn and grow and have a lot more fun.”

If chess is going to remain in the top level for many years, I think it’s going too far and I hope I’m wrong.” 

Mr Trierweiler, another world number three, said that he did not see himself playing chess for the rest of his life, but added that he hoped the sport would develop to the point where he would consider it a career option.”

It’s a big step forward for chess,” he told BBC Sport’s The Saturday Edition. 

However, the sport has had its ups and downs in recent years. 

In November, the governing body for the game in Russia, the International Chess Federation, imposed a ban on players taking part in tournaments without the written consent of the governing board. 

And in July, the Russian Chess Federation said that the number one ranking of the game would not take place until 2020, in a move that many believed to be linked to the country’s decision to boycott the 2018 World Championship.”

The number one position in chess is not something that we can do without, we are just not ready to do that,” Mr Trier said.”

In the future, it could happen but it will take time, and there will be a lot to sort out.

“We’re not sure what is going on.

We will see how things evolve in 2020.”

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