The world’s top 10 chess players are here!

Reddit is one of the world’s most popular social media platforms, and its chess championship is one among many online competitions.

On Thursday, the top 10 players from around the world will meet in New York for the first time in over a decade.

The world is buzzing about this event, which will be streamed live on Reddit.

The event is called the Chess Championship of the Americas, or CASA for short.

The tournament will be played in two rounds of 16. 

The top ten players from each round will then battle it out for the title of the World Chess Championship, which is the equivalent of the grandmaster’s title in professional chess.

The top two players will then move on to the second round, where they will face each other for a prize of $1,000.

They will then play for a share of $250,000, a total of $3 million.

The winner of the tournament will win $500,000 and a share in $400,000 in cash.

The prize money will be divided among the players, who will compete for the chance to join the world champion, a world-class player, in a championship tournament at the Grand Chess Club, a private club in Manhattan.

The winner of each round of the CASA is guaranteed to earn $1 million in prize money and a $500 million payout.

This is the first prize money that CASA has offered in its history, and it will be announced later.

The CASA takes place on April 26 and 27. 

Here’s the schedule of the chess championship: Wednesday, April 26: 10:30 a.m.

ET: The CASA begins at Grand Chess in New Yorker Plaza. 

Wednesday. April 27: 6:30 p.m.: The CASAs semifinal round begins. 

Tuesday, April 29: 8:30-10 p.c.: The semifinal rounds begin. 

Friday, May 1: 11 a.p.-12 p.p.: The top four players in each of the three rounds will move on, and the champion will meet. 

Saturday, May 2: 1 p.o.: The champion meets. 

Sunday, May 3: 12-1 p:m.: Two more semifinals, and a final match, will be held.

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