Chess Grandmaster flies to Europe, joins Flyordie Chess

A chess grand master has flown to Europe for a grand tournament, but it’s not exactly the chess house you’d expect.

Chess Club of America has posted a short clip of the 28-year-old Grandmaster in an interview with ESPN, showing off his love for the game of chess.

“I have never met a chess master before,” the clip reads.

“I’m from the world of chess, and I love it.

I love to play.

I’m the chess champion.”

The video features the player, who also goes by the name of Flyordia, playing against a group of players who are all playing for the same club.

It’s a very short clip, and it shows just the player’s head, but you can tell there’s a lot of passion for chess that he has.

The player is a little nervous and unsure of himself in this short clip.

He’s actually a little shaky and has to be helped along.

The chess house isn’t really his first exposure to chess, though, and he hasn’t been playing in a while.

It was just this really intense game that got him hooked.

“It was the first time I was really in a real environment where I actually knew how to play,” he said.

“This is where I’ve been for a while, so I’ve played against many players.”

He’s a bit nervous, too.

The Chess Club’s website says it’s “an elite international chess club in the heart of the country, located on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean.

It serves the interests of the game and of chess.”

The club has been in existence since 2012, and Flyordi is a part of the governing body.

He plays for the Grand Chess Club in London, which is one of the most prestigious clubs in Europe, though its membership can go up to about 50 players, depending on the size of the club.

The Chess Club was founded in the UK in 2002 and is based in the United Kingdom, but the club’s website also says that it’s based in Germany, France, and Spain.

Flyordiya is the first Grand Master to come to the US since the Chess Club, which also includes world champion Alexander Karjakin.

In 2013, Chess Club became the first chess club to feature an official US chess team, and they were able to qualify for the 2017 World Championship by defeating Kasparov, Kasparovic, and Levon Aronian.

It also has an official player pool of about 30 players.

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