Chess, ‘a beautiful game’, is worth more than $6 billion to US, says India’s richest man

India’s top-spending sports and entertainment company, Bharat Forge, is expecting to net $6.6 billion in revenues this year from its first sports deal in more than a decade.

The company, which is owned by the billionaire Anand Mahindra, is hoping to spend $3 billion on an Indian Premier League soccer franchise, $2 billion on a cricket team, and $1.6 million on the NBA, according to a report by The Wall Street Journal.

The $6-billion investment would mark the biggest single-year profit for Bharat forge since it was founded in 2013.

In total, it expects to make $6 million this year in revenue.

That’s nearly double the $3.6-million it earned in 2013, according a company statement.

The investment would allow Bharatforge to continue expanding the company’s revenue across sports, including cricket and soccer.

India’s highest-earning sportsmen are India’s cricket team and the national team, which have been among the most profitable in the world.

The Indian Premier Leagues are an annual competition that attracts hundreds of millions of spectators and millions of dollars in revenue for the top players in each sport.

India is the fourth-largest economy in the region and home to a number of Indian sports teams and teams of all stripes.

A sports team in India earns a revenue of about $4 million, or roughly $300 per game.

The top players earn more than half of that.

The total revenue of the top five teams in Indian football is $2.5 billion, or about $1 million per game, according an estimate from Forbes India.

The average revenue per game in the top football leagues is $3 million, and it averages about $600 per game for the most popular teams.

Bharat, based in New Delhi, is a leading global sports entertainment company.

It owns the New York Yankees baseball team and Major League Soccer teams New York City FC and LA Galaxy.

The Yankees have won more than 30 World Series championships and the franchise has been part of the National Football League since 1994.

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