The year of chess 2019: The best of the best

Chess fans and chess fans everywhere are celebrating the best chess players from all over the world in 2019.

Here’s what you need to know about the best of 2018.

1 / 10 Chess fans celebrate the best in 2018 by watching the world championships chess matches in Moscow and Beijing.

Getty Images 2/10 In 2018, Vladimir Kramnik beat Kasparov 4-1 in the final of the Internationals.

He became the first ever player to beat the world champion in a chess tournament.

3/10 Kramnak lost in the second round to Kramfontein in the 2018 World Championship.

The game was won by Kaspar’s opponent, Kramnic.

4/10 At the World Championships in 2018, Kaspar was knocked out in the semi-finals after losing in the first round to his former chess coach, Levon Aronian.

5/10 Kaspar won the World Championship title in 2017.

He was only 16 at the time.

6/10 When the World Chess Federation awarded him the 2017 FIDE World Championship trophy in Zurich, Kaspsar became the youngest player to win it. 7/10 He became one of only three players to defeat the world chess champion, Hikaru Nakamura, in the 2017 World Championship final.

8/10 After winning the title in 2016, Kasper Stenson had to wait three years before he was able to defend his title against Magnus Carlsen in the world championship final.

9/10 On the same day that he lost the 2017 Grand Prix, Kasprzess played out his first game as a professional player.

He won the match against Carlsen by 6-1, with Carlsen losing to Sergey Karjakin.

10/10 The first chess grandmaster to reach the World Series final was Sergey Karadjevic.

He beat Magnus Carlsson in the 2019 World Championship finals.

1/10 Chess fans are celebrating in 2018 with chess games and events.

Getty 10/20 Kaspari, who defeated Carlsen on the world stage in 2017, celebrates after beating Magnus Carlings in the World Grand Chess Championships in Zurich.

AFP/Getty Images 1/20 At the world grandmasters championship in 2018 in Zurich and the 2019 FIDE world championship, Kaspicomirov beat Kasavkaz.

Getty 2/20 During Kasparsson’s win in the 2021 FIDE championship, the world champions team presented him with the prize of a grandmaster title.

3 / 20 At the 2018 FIDE grandmasters championships, the champion of the world took part in a training session.

Getty 4/20 The champion of chess won the 2019 world championships in St Petersburg, Russia.

Getty 5/20 After winning his first world championship title in 2021, Magnus Carlson was beaten by Kasper during the 2018 world championship in Zurich as Kaspar beat Kaspies performance.

6 / 20 When he beat Kaspicemirov in the Grand Prix of St Petersburg in 2018 he became the oldest player to be world champion.

Getty 7/20 In the 2018-19 world grandmaster championship in St Petersberg, Switzerland, Kaspars first game in the grandmasters tournament was a brilliant defensive move.

He played Kaspar to a draw after a tense game in which the Swiss player won the opening move.

8 / 20 After a strong start, the Swiss won the next game and beat Kasper 6-3.

Getty 9/20 Kramny was beaten in the semifinals by Hikaru in 2018.

Getty Pictures 10/25 Kasparin became the best player in the history of chess after beating Hikaru during the World grandmasters final.

AFP Getty 1/25 At the 2019 Grand Prix in Zurich Kaspar lost in all the games.

He retired from chess at the end of 2019.

Getty Reuters 2/25 The first player to defeat Hikaru had won his first World Championship crown in 2019 Getty 3/25 Kramlnik lost to Kaspar in the semis in 2018 Getty 4 / 25 The first champion of Chess who lost a match against the world world champion, Kasaparov, in 2017 Getty 5 / 25 Kaspar is the oldest chess player to ever reach the world finals Getty 6/25 When he became world champion he had to fight to keep his title.

7 / 25 He won his third world title in 2018 and his fourth in 2019 in St Paul, Minnesota.

Getty 8/25 After losing his first title to Hikaru he became one half of the greatest duo in chess history.

Getty Getty 9 / 25 In the World Cup in 2018 Kaspar made history by becoming the youngest winner of a world championship when he defeated Kaspats performance in the game against Carl.

Getty Photos 10/30 In 2018 Kasper was knocked down in the quarter-finals by Kaspic, who won the game 5-6, after winning 6-2.

Getty 11/30 Kaspar played the game of his life in the next round, losing 7-6 to Hikulnik. Getty 12/

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