The top 5 chess openings you’ll ever use

Chess opening strategy article Chess opens are an exciting way to play the game, with a number of different options available to players.

With a full range of options, chess is not only a great way to relax, but also to make a difference in the lives of those around you.

Here’s the top 5 opening strategies you should know.1.

King’s GambitChess opening strategies are known for their flexibility, so if you want to have some fun with your opponent, you’ll need to consider a few options.1) The King’s gambit is a tactic that can be played on two different sides of the board.

This tactic involves making a move on either side of the centre piece, and then making a single move on the other side.

The King makes this move by moving the pawn to the centre square, and taking it with the knight.

This allows for the King to make the first move on both sides of his opponent.

This move is particularly effective when it is made on a diagonal.2) The Black King’s Chess opening1)The Black King has a variety of moves to play in his opening.

The main tactic for the Black King is the Black king attack, which is essentially the same move as the King’s King’s attack.

However, the Black Queen can also make use of this tactic as well, and the move is usually called a ‘battling attack’.

The Black king is also able to take the queen out with a rook, and when the queen is out of position, it can also be used to take out the rook or pawn.

This tactic can be a good way to take advantage of openings that are not designed for it, such as a pawn diagonal.

A Black King attacking on the queenside is a good example.

If the Black attack is blocked by the King, the King will be forced to move his pawn to his left and use his pawns advantage to get rid of the King.

It is possible to see the Black Kings Gambit being used against the King when playing against a king with a pawn in the centre, or when defending against a pawn attack.2.

The Knight’s GambetThe Black Knight is one of the most common openings used in chess, and is commonly played on the King side.

It involves moving the rook to the King and moving the king to the Queen, and has the advantage of being able to attack the King on the Queen side.

The Black knight can also also be played to open up an opening in which you can play a king attack on the queen.

This strategy can be very effective when used to create a diagonal, and can be used in combination with the King attack to make an opening that can take advantage.

In a normal King’s position, the queen has a good chance of defending a King’s move, so it is usually preferable to take a pawn or two and use that to push the King away.

However if the Black Knight plays this move, the Queen is almost guaranteed to defend a King move.

This means the Black knight will be able to force the King out, and if the Queen doesn’t defend, then the Black knights move can be stopped and the Black Knights Gambit is used to open an opening.

This is an excellent way to force your opponent to play more defensively.3.

The Queen’s GambleThis move is used when the Black queen is in a weakened position.

The Black Queen is weak because of a pawn that was pawnless, or the pawn has been lost, and she needs to make up for lost time.

The pawn has an extremely high speed, and it can make the Black player extremely nervous.

The move is not played against the Queen on the king side, and instead it is used against one of her pawns.

This position is quite strong for the Queen in general, as she can often use this move to pressure her opponent.

In this position, there is an opening for the White King, as well as an opening where you can take the King with the rook, but the Queen will usually be able hold this position.

However the Queen can be pushed around in this position by the Black pieces, and so the Black moves can be countered.

This Black King Gambit can be useful when there are few pieces left in the Queen’s position.4.

The Queens GambitThis move, when played against a King on either the King or Queen side, is a very strong one.

The queen can be pressured, and you can also force the Black piece to move to the edge of the space.

The position is also strong against a rook on the centre.

The Chess Gambit also works well in this situation, as the pawn can be moved away from the King if the King moves, and will still be able defend the King from the Queen.

This Gambit may be used against a queen on the outside of the Queen or King position.

It can be good to have an opening to defend against the Black pawn

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