The NHL’s Beth Harmon is one of the best chess players in the world

The Boston Bruins are one of many teams in the NHL that will use the Beth Harmon Chess Club as a training facility.

The Boston Herald first reported that the team is using the Beth Harmony Chess Club for its training programs and the club will be hosting its next Chess Castling tournament on Jan. 26.

The Beth Harmon Tennis Club has also joined the program.

Boston Bruins owner Jeremy Jacobs is the chairman of the Beth Helen Chess Club.

The board includes current and former players from Boston, New York and other cities, as well as some local coaches and administrators.

The Boston Bruins have used Beth Harmon as their training and coaching facility since it opened in 2002.

The Bruins are also planning a new training center at the end of the year.

Harmon, who played in the U.S. Open, is one-time winner of the World Chess Tour title.

She won the title in 2013 and 2014.

The former world champion also won the 2014 U.N. Women’s Chess Championship and the 2014 European Open title.

In addition to being a great chess player, Harmon has also served as a mentor to students and faculty members at the Beth Harmons.

The organization offers scholarships and grants for the college and student body.

A video posted to the Beth Hamilton Chess Club Facebook page on Thursday shows Harmon holding the tournament tournament.

The video was posted on Jan 28 and shows Harmon playing her best game, with a score of 6.0.

In a statement released on Thursday, Beth Harmon said the organization is “very excited to be a part of the Boston Bruins Chess Club.”

“We’re proud of our partnership with Boston Bruins, the NHL, the New York Islanders and the NHL Players Association.

The partnership will help support Beth Harmon and other members of our community and we are looking forward to a great tournament,” the statement said.”

As Beth Harmon, I will not stop playing chess and helping our community,” Harmon said in a statement.

“Chess has a huge influence on my life and I’m thrilled to help the Boston Celtics and NHL create the next generation of great players.”

Harmons play has also been featured on ESPN’s “The Sports Network.”

In the video, Harmon, wearing a black dress shirt and dark blue skirt, plays chess against the team’s assistant coach.

In the video’s credits, Harmon can be seen talking about her life as a chess player.

“I love chess.

I love playing it and I love coaching it,” Harmon says in the video.”

This is a great opportunity to help my community and to develop a chess academy and to make sure that we all have the opportunity to compete for the highest prize in chess,” the video said.

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