Why I’m Not a Chess Fan

My favourite chess players are David Fischer and Kasparov.

I think that chess is the most beautiful game and it’s also the most difficult game to play.

But I have never played a game where I felt I was really enjoying myself.

When I play chess, I like to think that I am a chess player, not a player of chess.

And I don’t really think that any player is.

There are a few people that I feel are really passionate about chess, and I can’t understand why they are not playing.

So, my favourite chess player is not a chess fan.

I would like to meet Kaspar, but he is very shy, and he can’t talk about chess.

It’s like a man who can’t go out in public without a mask.

I don´t really know why I donít play chess.

When you play chess you have to focus on the game, you don’t have any other thoughts, so I don�t really feel like I am playing.

When the chess game is over, you can go home, but I can not.

I am still struggling with it.

What should I do when I’m tired of chess?

I usually play chess in the morning.

But when I am tired of it, I think about it a little bit later.

So I try to think about things later.

When we play chess we should always be on the move.

And when we have a problem, we have to have a solution.

When there is a problem we can always talk about it.

But if there is nothing we can do, it will be impossible to get rid of the problem.

If I am not playing chess, how do I know when it is time to take my day off?

When I’m bored, I sit and play chess for a while, and then I take a shower and go to the toilet.

If you want to play chess then you have only one hour, but it can be a lot of time.

I always try to take a break every day, because I feel that chess training is important.

When it is your time to do something, you should do it.

There is a lot to think and a lot that can be done.

I like the chess way, because it’s the best way to play the game.

I prefer the strategy of chess, because in chess there is only one move and if you have no other options you should always choose the one you want.

And if you do something you have a good chance of winning.

I feel good when I play.

What do I do after a few hours?

I have to do homework and study.

So my time is very precious.

I try not to do anything else but playing chess.

If there is something I want to do, I try doing it.

If the chess training has done its job, then I should stop.

But for me, I am going to go to sleep.

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