The best chess pieces from female chess players

Chess pieces are made from metal and glass, but some female chess masters have tattooed their pieces with a special symbol on the inside of their fingers.

Here are 10 of the best chess piece tattoos from female grandmasters.


Marija Radovanovic has a unique chess piece tattoo on her finger.

Radovanov, a Czech grandmaster and former world champion, is best known for her five-game World Championship loss to Veselin Topalov.

Radvicov, who is in her 30s, started to tattoo her finger on December 7, 2017.

The chess piece is an “X” and the initials “TEN” (which stands for ten).

It says “TREKK” (to conquer) in blue letters and has two “F”s in it.

Radovic’s sister is also a chess player, so they both have a tattoo on their fingers of similar shapes and sizes.

Radovich said she started to ink her fingers when she was 16 and stopped when she reached 40.

“When I stopped, I started thinking about the pieces and the pieces became more important to me,” Radovanova told The Associated Press.

“I just thought about how important it is to get it done.”

Radovanovich, who now has a tattoo of the “X,” the “T” and “F,” also said she’s not a fan of tattoos for chess players because she thinks the tattoos are “not for me.”


In 2008, French chess player Yannick Dufresne won the World Chess Championship for the first time after being stripped of the title by the World Anti-Doping Agency.

He was sentenced to a year in prison.

His chess piece had the symbol of the French national flag on the back and the words “I am France” written on it in black.

Dufrene had previously been a player at the French National Tennis Center in Paris and had previously won the championship in 2016.

The emblem of France on chess pieces is the flag of France and the French coat of arms is the “Crescent” or star.

In 2016, the French government ordered a ban on the use of the symbol on chessboards.


Russian player Alexander Volkov was one of the first women to be inducted into the chess club of the world’s top chess player Vladimir Kramnik in 2009.

Volkov and Kramnick are the two remaining players who hold the record for the most grandmaster titles.

Volkov was inducted in the chess league of the World Championship in 2015.

Volov is also one of two women who have played the top chess in Europe, the other being German chess player Anna-Lena Bischoff.

Bischoffs chess piece has the emblem of the German state of Baden-Württemberg, the state that Kramnich, who has won the title four times, and Volkov hail from.

Biscuit is another former player who has also won the world championship in three different countries.


A tattoo of a butterfly on the left side of Vladimir Kropotkin’s right hand, the same shape as a chess piece.

The butterfly symbolizes “peace, harmony and harmony of mankind.”

Kropov, known as a humanitarian and anti-war activist, is the only surviving player of the 1878 Russian championship that took place in St. Petersburg.

The two-dimensional chess piece, made of glass and metal, is adorned with the letters “BES” (bessie) and “RUS” (Rudy) in gold and silver.


In 2010, German grandmaster Carlsen, who retired from chess following the death of his wife in 2018, and his chess piece were among the first chess players to be awarded a medal by the European Federation.

The medal is awarded for the highest number of victories and points achieved by the player during the championship, and the winner was awarded the title of the International Player of the Year.

In 2018, Carlsen received the silver medal, while fellow grandmaster Magnus Carlsen was awarded a gold medal.


German grandmasters Alexander Grischuk and Alexander Radovanovsky were among those who were awarded medals by the International Federation in 2018 for their participation in the 2018 World Chess Championships.

The pair were the first female players to earn a medal.

The trophy, named after the chess world championship of 1878, was made by the German Federation.


In a 2010 interview with the BBC, Russian chess grand master Aleksandr Gelfand said the symbol “F*** the World” was the “first and only chess piece that was ever created by men” and that it was the reason why chess was outlawed in the Soviet Union.


The symbol “GELFAND” stands for “Gentleman of the Order of the Golden Dawn,” a group of Nazis who used to hold important positions in the Nazi party and

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