Does Starbucks Have Boba

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Does Starbucks Have Boba? Starbucks needs no introduction because everybody already knows what this amazing sensation is. If there is one coffee place that is famous all over the world, it has to be Starbucks. The reason why this place rose to so much fame is because of the fancy and delicious coffees that it provides.

Its popularity is such that we can not perhaps say with actual confirmation as to how many cups of coffees it sells per day. Initially, it was found to be in the U.S only but now it has Its branches opened worldwide. Another great specialty about Starbucks is the fact that it offers different kinds of coffees with different kinds of flavors and aromas.

Coffee is remarkably famous for being a rich beverage that can be drunk cold and hot both. We have further so many kinds of coffees like hot coffee, cold coffee, cappuccino and so much more. You know what’s fascinating? There is hardly a person in this world who can live without coffee or who doesn’t drink coffee. Coffee has proven to be an energy booster and wake up call for many. This is one reason as to why many people drink it. While some drink it because they’re just addicted to it. Yes, you read that right, coffee has addictive properties and nobody can deny that.

What is Boba

Boba is in fact a very fascinating and yummy delight which has enhanced the taste of teas to a great level. Boba tea was initially manufactured and introduced in Taiwan. These are small dark brown coloured balls that are made of Tapioca. These are soft, gooey and squishable. These are soft and compressible from in between and to some people these taste divine because they can be sweet and bitter both. Anyhow, Bobba or bubble tea has gained a lot of hype and fame over the years because to many people it is utterly delicious. In fact, a huge number of people are crazy for Boba tea. Unfortunately, Bobba does not provide to many health benefits however many health freaks are relieved that this does not have gelatine in it.

Does Starbuck have Boba?

Boba tea no doubt has made the world crazy because these tiny balls of delicacy are indeed very tasty and enlightening. However, at this point Starbucks does not have Boba in it. It is said and believed that Starbucks is working on it’s menu and it might soon introduce Boba to it’s menu. Starbucks is so full with different kinds of coffees and flavours that it perhaps does not need any new introduction to its menu.

There is this hoax that says Starbucks has a secret menu, however nothing of such sort has come to light as if now. For all those who love Starbucks will perhaps to wait for a bit longer because as if now Starbucks does not have Boba in it and it probably it never will. Starbucks has so many exciting and challenging flavours and coffees that it doesn’t need any new item to its menu. It is their coffee that has made them escalate globally. We have to agree that Starbucks has to be the best coffee place to exist not only in the US but in other parts of the world as well.

Boba and Starbuck (Does Starbucks Have Boba)

Boba and Starbucks are two different things. Starbucks is famous for it’s coffee and Boba is famous for the tea that it is used in. No doubt that Boba makes the tea far more tastier and yummy but still it has no comparison with what it sold at Starbucks. Boba tea makes sense but Boba coffee does not make any sense because Boba in coffee will ruin the entire taste and then it will no longer be a coffee but a disaster of a drink.

There are two kinds of people in this world. Coffee addicts and tea addicts. This does not mean that these two work as drugs for them, it just means that they have a strong liking towards them and can not begin to imagine their day without these two. For those who like tea will definitely like Boba tea.

But the ones who are coffee people will never compromise on having Boba in their tea. But you know what is more surprising, that there are some people who actually like Boba in their coffees. Yes, it tastes different and not that good but people have preferences and that is completely alright. But those who wanted to know that if Starbucks have Boba, the answer is a flat no. Starbucks is famous for coffee and we think that it will prefer to stay that way. Introducing Boba would ruin their reputation and of course it will no longer be a coffee.

Why Boba is Not Used in Coffee that Much

It is true the Starbucks does not have Boba but it doesn’t mean that other companies do not have it either. It depends on what customers want. If they want to have Boba in their coffee, they are more than welcomed to have so. But many places that we know off do not do coffee and Boba together. But there are so many places that sell Boba tea and it is a success already.

Despite not having many health benefits, it still has a certain kind of attraction in it that so many people are devoted towards it. You know the most exciting news is that Boba tea has numerous benefits as well. All the flavors are extremely exciting and delicious and that is what entices the customers. You wouldn’t believe but people actually travel from far off areas to have the best Boba tea in town and we couldn’t have been more thrilled. Coffee is coffee and tea is tea. There is no comparison in between them.

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