How to thicken alfredo Sauce

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How to thicken alfredo Sauce? There is hardly any Italian dish that does not involve the amazing Alfredo sauce. It is like the alfredo sauce has now become a thing. There is hardly any country which does not promote Italian restaurants and the amazing Italian Alfredo Pasta. It is personally our favorite too! It is so divine to eat and tastes so rich that one can’t just stop having.

The perfect taste of black pepper, pasta and the Alfredo sauce blend together to give us the perfect taste. Our taste buds are only satisfied if only we eat the famous alfredo pasta. Believe it or not but it is definitely true.

You know what’s the best part of this Alfredo sauce? You can easily make it at home and enjoy restaurant style alfredo pasta any time you want to. We guarantee you that if you follow our recipe and our hack, your sauce will taste far better than the ones available at restaurants.

The thing about alfredo sauce is that it can be used in anything. Any Italian dish that you plan on making or anything else of your choice. For example, the famous tarragon chicken. Its key ingredient is the alfredo sauce full of herbs and spices.

You enjoy it right? What if we tell you that you can now make the same sauce at home? The same taste and the same consistency? In just literally 5 minutes, your alfredo sauce will be ready.

How to thicken alfredo Sauce

How to thicken alfredo sauce

Okay so alfredo sauce is made up of butter basically, cream and milk. Adding more ingredients to it is your choice completely. You start by melting butter in a pan and than later adding in black pepper. Add in your cream and keep stirring until mixture thickens. You add in milk and stir again. You will achieve a thick mixture but for the sauce you need to make it thicker. So here is how you can make your sauce thick:

Add in cheddar cheese. It will give the sauce a good gooey consistency and of course the rich taste. Add in some basil and mixed herbs. Add in a bit more cream and milk if needed. Add more black pepper and salt too. Stir and turn off the stove.

Your sauce is ready. You will see that your sauce is thick and just the way you like it. You can use it for pasta for salads or as a dressing. It is completely your choice. The best way to use this sauce is for pasta. Make your own pasta at home and enjoy!

We hope you liked this hack and will definitely try at home. For more amazing and convenient hacks stay tuned to our website.

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