How VoIP Can Improve Your Company’s Customer Service

Consumers today have higher expectations of customer service. They want a company that understands their needs and answers their questions quickly and efficiently. Using VoIP technology can help you achieve these goals. It offers a variety of benefits, including better sound quality, clever call routing, and reduced wait time.

Improved Customer Service

Customers often feel frustrated when they can’t reach a live person and instead play “phone tag.” This type of interaction leads to lost business, low customer satisfaction, and missed sales opportunities. Many experts suggest integrating VoIP in business. But what is VoIP phone system?

VoIP systems enable your team to use call recording software and automated greetings to ensure that each customer’s calls are answered promptly. They can also be set up to offer call-back services if an employee or department is busy, which reduces frustration and avoids wasted time for both the customer and the company.

Boosted Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is one of the most critical factors in a business, and great call quality is essential for boosting that satisfaction. With a VoIP phone system, you can improve your team’s ability to help customers and clients by using features like music on hold, clever call routing, and more. VoIP systems also integrate with CRMs and other productivity tools to make it easier for employees to access customer information during calls. This data can be used to understand customer request trends and anticipate future demand.

Reduced Call Waiting Time

Customers want to avoid receiving a busy signal, whether they’re calling for an order, directions, or more information. A busy signal means they will most likely turn to a competitor, and that’s automatic money lost for your business. With VoIP, callers can escape a queue by pressing a button to transfer them to another department, extension, or operator. This also helps cut down on abandoned calls.

Top VoIP providers offer features like custom messages on hold, voicemail to email, call recording, a virtual receptionist, and more. This makes it easier for your customer service team to provide a great CX by having all the relevant customer data at their fingertips. Many of these systems also integrate with CRM software.

Increased Efficiency

People have dwindling attention spans and want to spend only what is necessary for their calls to be answered. With VoIP, customers can easily be transferred to the right department and get their queries resolved faster.

Standard features like caller ID and integration with CRMs allow customer service teams to call a customer by their name, which helps build rapport and decreases wait times. Music on hold can also help reduce perceived wait time by giving customers something to listen to while on the line.

Increased Productivity

VoIP makes it easy for teams to be available to customers through calls, texts, and conferencing features. Employees away from the office can still answer customer queries because VoIP systems often work on mobile devices. Adding features like auto-attendant and call-back options can reduce the number of missed calls. If the customer service team can’t pick up the phone, they can offer to send the question to another employee or give the caller a time when the problem can be addressed. The days of only being open 9 – 5 are long gone, and the right business phone system helps ensure that customers can always reach someone who can help. That’s why VoIP is an essential part of improving customer service.

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