If you happen to have an iPhone 13 Pro or Pro Max in your pocket then it could be worth trying out one of its big new camera features. Along with Ultra Wide, Wide, and Telephoto shots, this flagship phone now includes a clever macro option that lets you get up close and personal to a subject without losing any detail in the image.

Apple now wants owners to get out and test this feature with the best photos snapped using the macro setting getting the chance to appear as part of the firm’s Shot on iPhone Challenge.

The winning photos will be celebrated in a gallery on, Apple’s Instagram account and they could even appear in Apple Store locations, on giant billboards or for the public to gaze at during photo exhibitions.

If you fancy giving it a try simply get your iPhone 13 Pro and start snapping some interesting close-ups.

When you think you have the perfect shot, you can then share them on Instagram and Twitter using the hashtags #ShotoniPhone and #iPhonemacrochallenge to participate in the challenge.

A team of top judges from the industry and from Apple will then sift through the photos and pick their winners with the best of the best being revealed in April.

The challenge begins today, January 25 with Apple accepting submissions until February 16, 2022.

Speaking about the competition, Apple said in a post on its newsroom: “The iPhone 13 Pro lineup features the most advanced camera system ever in an iPhone, and for the first time users can capture sharp, stunning images with a minimum focus distance of 2 centimeters. To celebrate macro photography, Apple welcomes you to share your favourite macro photos taken on iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max on Instagram and Twitter.”

If you fancy giving it a try, here are some top tips to help get the best macro shots:

• Make sure to get close to your subject — you can get as close as 2 centimeters (about an inch) away.

• Place the primary point of focus near the center of the frame, as that’s where the sharpest focus is when shooting in macro on iPhone.

• Tap an area in the viewfinder to set a specific focus point.

• Shoot at .5x to capture an Ultra Wide field of view, or try shooting at 1x for tighter framing — iPhone will automatically switch cameras as you get close while maintaining the 1x framing.



Apple’s popular Beats headphone brand has finally revealed when its hotly-anticipated Fit Pro earbuds are arriving in the UK. These sporty music-makers launched in the United States late last year to a flurry of rave five-star reviews. And now, these critically acclaimed wireless earbuds are finally making their way over to Britain, with fans able to pop them in their ears from January 24.

That’s good news for anyone trying to lose some weight after the excesses of Christmas as the Fit Pro offering plenty of features aimed at making those trips to the gym a little more thrilling. Firstly, there’s a pretty unique flexible wingtip design which is aimed at making sure they stay firmly in your ears and not flying across the training room floor.

Beats says that the unique wingtip was digitally modelled using measurements from thousands of ears to achieve the perfect combination of soft, pliable material around a rigid core for a comfortable and stable fit. This should mean they plug in securely no matter who is wearing them.

A comfy design is vital but if you’re buying some wireless earbuds you’ll also want them to sound good and it seems that Beats has that covered. Not only do they pack some impressive speakers inside, but there’s also a swathe of audio features including three listening modes and full Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) which adapts in real-time to make sure it consistently blocks out background audio.

Beats has also included a Transparency mode which instantly stops the ANC so you can hear your surroundings and Apple’s clever Spatial Audio function is tucked inside the buds.

This maps out the sounds you’re hearing in the physical space around you. So, when you’re watching a movie or boxset on your iPhone and the character rushes to the left of the screen …so will their audio.

Other features include auto-pause when you remove them from your ears and there’s the clever Apple H1 chip which delivers a seamless ecosystem experience for iPhone users including one-touch pairing, an eartip test to ensure best fit and Automatic Switching between iCloud devices.

That means you can use them with your iPhone but then quickly move over to your Mac without touching a button.

Like all wireless buds, the Beats Fit Pro come with a neat charging case that offers a total of 27 hours of music playback. When the buds do run out there’s also a Fast Fuel charge which offers 1 hour of music from just 5 minutes in the case.

Beats Fit Pro is available for pre-order from 24 January in four striking colours — Black, White, Sage Grey and Stone Purple — for £199.99.

“Beats Fit Pro delivers remarkable innovation in fit and features, making it Beats’ best sounding and most advanced product to date,” said Oliver Schusser, Vice President of Beats and Apple Music. “With spatial audio and dynamic head tracking, Beats Fit Pro delivers a truly immersive listening experience. At this price point, it sets a new standard for premium earphones.”