Why you should choose Shopify

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Shopify is an online platform that allows you to setup a website where you can sell your products. Shopify allows you to build new businesses or improve already existing enterprises. It provides you with the necessary tools to get you on the move. Over the years, Shopy has gained over a million customers and hence hosts a lot of stores worldwide. Here are some of the reasons why you should choose Shopify as your online partner in your store.

Quick and easy to set up.

Shopify is one of the easiest web hosting platforms on which you can setup your online business at a low starting cost. With Shopify, you only require to create a Shopify account online and enjoy the easy to use interface for your sales. Online tutorials are also available just in case you get stuck at any point. Shopy offers a free 14-day trial with all the features unlocked after which you can now sign up on permanent terms. Added to that is the numerous marketing emails that would also help you improve your online business.


Shopify is home to millions of stores selling different products and at different terms. Shopify offers all these stores hosting services due to its flexible nature. Customers can easily customize the platform to suit their requirements. This starts from the themes, products, checkout processes, discounts and payments. Shopify therefore accommodates the different needs of its customers in the run to make a worthwhile customer experience.

Shopify Support marketing activities.

Marketing of your store involves making your store known to the customers and also converting online traffic into sales. Shopify assists you in your marketing your products through several tools that are integrated in it. These include the automated marketing recommendations from the marketing page, SEO friendly space for online sellers, discount codes and promotional sales.

Mobile friendly.

Recent technological inventions have seen cheaper mobile devices available in the market. Mobile devices have now become a necessity for one to survive in the current world. Sho has also taken this advantage of this opportunity and created a mobile friendly platform to help with online shopping. Recorded statistics indicate that half of all the transactions on the Shopify platform are made on mobile devices. Some of the features that make Shopify mobile friendly is the flexible web design that allows it to work on the different screen sizes, responsive themes and checkout procedures. All these are not limited by the mobile device a customer has whether a smartphone or tablet.

Various add-on apps.

Add-on apps are applications that work hand in hand with the main application to smoothen the customer experience. Some of them may also work as a marketing means such as Referral Candy which helps customers to alert others of your products. Other add-on apps that you may consider using for the smoother running of your enterprise include Oberlo, Printful, Yotpo, Loox among others. These apps are designed to cover all dimensions of your enterprise and therefore all your needs covered on Shop.


From the above reasons why you should choose Shopify, it is evident that Shopify has the interests of store owners and customers at heart. It simply is a highway towards customer satisfaction.


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